Exchange Partnerships

Most major post-secondary institutions across Canada have exchange agreements with schools in South Korea. These partnerships allow students from Canadian institutions to go abroad and study for one or two semesters during the academic year in Korea, all while earning credits toward their Canadian degree.


All major universities in Korea offer courses in English, but if you speak Korean, you are welcome to enrol in Korean course offerings as well. A popular option is to enrol in English coursework for major credits, and a Korean language course as an elective.


Budget is a common concern for students considering studying abroad. Completing an exchange program allows you to go abroad while paying the same tuition to your Canadian university. In fact, since rent and cost of living in Korea is lower than that of larger Canadian cities, your cost of living may end up being cheaper!


Note that the Korean academic year has different start and end times than the Canadian one. Instead of a four-month summer holiday, Korean universities have a two-month winter break, and a two-month summer break. Typical semester dates are as follows:

  • First semester: March to June

  • Second semester: September to December


Students must check their eligibility and apply through the Canadian school that they are currently attending.

Find your home institution here and discover where you could go in Korea!

Clicking on the school name will take you to the homepage of that school’s international exchanges office, where you can find more information about applying for exchange.


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