Consulate General of The Republic of Korea in Toronto Online Booking System Information

Starting August 10, 2020, the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Toronto is switching to by-appointment-only. Appointment system will open on August 4, 2020.

If you wish to do more than 2 services, you need to make two different appointments with the services you would like to do.

Please prepare your documents in advance of the appointment. 

※ Not able to park at the Consulate. 

※ ​For pick-up documents, you do not need to make an appointment. Please just walk-in.

(For VISA, pick-up is only available after 1pm)

※ Wearing a mask is mandatory, without a mask you are not allowed to enter.

※ Even if you made an appointment with us, we may have to cancel your appointment due to following reasons:

1. If you book several appointments with the same service

2. Due to unforeseen internal circumstances or emergency situations 

※ Please visit minimum person for your appointment, please try to avoid bring companies 

◆ Information

[Consulate General of The Republic of Korea in Toronto Website - Click]

※ To reschedule or cancel the appointment, please do 24 hours in advance of your appointment

If cancel or make change with appointment is not working, please reply of confirmation email or email to

※ If our office hours has been changed, we will update on our website. Please visit our website before you make an appointment please.

※ Please arrive 10 mins before your appointment. If you are not arrive on the time of appointment, we consider as no-show.

※ Without certain reason, if no-show happens for 2 or more times, further online booking might impossible

※ Please bring your confirmation email of appointment with you. You can print it out or screenshot. 

※ Please read appointment and what to bring and hand in instruction before making an appointment

※ 'No available times' means it is fully booked with the department. Please check our system often to see any canceled spot.

◆ Nortarization, Documents confirmation

[Nortarization/Documents confirmation of your university / college documents]

If you have less then 10 pages book 1, if you have more than 2, please book 2 appointments

(1) A photocopy of university degree which has been notarized by a lawyer office in Ontario or Manitoba

*** Only documents notarized by lawyers(status in private practice) registered with The Law Society of Upper Canada are accepted.

*** The Law Society of Upper Canada Homepage :

     → The following items MUST be included by the Notary Public:

          - Official Seal of the Notary Public

          - Full name of the Notary Public

          - Signature of the Notary Public

          - Date of Notarization

          - Full contact information of the Notary Public including telephone number and address

(2) Original degree

(3) Fee: C$5.20 per degree copy

(4) The applicant’s passport

[RCMP, Canadian Criminal Record Background Check Nortarization]

1 appointment per person

■ Only Criminal Record Checks issued within the last 6 months by RCMP in our jurisdiction (Ontario and Manitoba) will be accepted.

■ Please keep a photocopy after notarization for your records.

(1) Original Criminal Record Check

    - Original certificate should have a RCMP seal on it 

(2) Fee: C$5.20 per copy

(3) The applicant’s passport

◆ VISA, Criminal Record Background Check

[VISA - Click]

1 appointment per person

 Pick-Up 1 pm ~ 4:30 pm

※ You must make a reservation in order to apply for a visa. If multiple people are applying for a visa in your household, you must make an appointment in each applicant's name. 


Please bring proof of appointment as a printout or on your mobile device at the time of your visit. You can enter the building up to 10 minutes in advance of your application time in order to prepare your documents for submission. You must have ALL the requirements and your application MUST be in the order listed on our website (or on Korea Visa Portal if you are applying for an uncommon visa not listed/highlighted on our website) in order for your visa application to be accepted. Have your payment out and ready. Please prepare to pay in debit or cash (our payment system has been glitchy in the past).


There are no appointments for pick-up. After your application, you can check your visa status on on or around the approximate processing time you were informed of at the time of application (12-15 business days). 


You can print the Visa Grant Notice at home and you may pick up your passport 1-4 pm without making an appointment. Please speak with our staff at the entrance and let them know that your visa is issued and you are here to pickup your passport (you can just let them know you're here for VISA PICKUP to distinguish yourselves from those who are here to pick up their Korean Passports).

【Check your VISA status on Internet】
1) VISA Portal ( - Check application status & print
2) Fill out the form with your Passport number, Name, Birthday 

[Criminal Record Background Check - Click]

1 appointment per person

◆ Passport 

[Passport information in Korean - Click]

1 appointment per person

◆ Nationality, Family Relation and Certificates [FAQ - Click]

[Nationality information in Korean - Click] 

1 appointment per person

[Family Relation and Family Certificate in Korean - Click] 

1 appointment per person

Registration for Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death. Issue Family Certificates for family, basic, marriage, etc 

※ Family Relation Certificates are not able to issue on one day. It takes 5 business days to issue. If you would like to receive by mail, please bring pre-paid Xpresspost envelop with your address on it from Canada Post.

◆ Book / Reschedule / Cancel

[Book an appointment - click to view as a picture]

Please read our service information → Schedule Now → Choose the type of service → Choose Date and Time→ Fill out the form → Confirm your appointment → Receive confirmation email

[Cancel -  click to view as a picture]

Go to your confirmation email → Make Change → Choose the appointment that you would like to cancel → Cancel → Done 

[Reschedule - click to view as a picture]

Go to your confirmation email → Make Change → Choose the appointment that you would like to Reschedule → Reschedule →

Choose Date and Time → Done → Receive new confirmation email

◆ Terms of Condition of Using Personal Information

1. Personal information collection and usage

Consulate General of The Republic of Korea in Toronto Online Booking System('Booking System') will collect users' personal information. This collected information only use in purpose of Online Booking System.

2. What information will be collected

Online Booking System requires users' personal information as 'Your Name' and 'Your Email Address'

3. How long we keep your personal Information.

Online Booking System will collect users' personal Information as needed and we keep for 2 years. 

​4. Users have rights to refuse our terms of condition 

Users have rights to refuse our terms of condition for personal information collect and use. Users are able to make an appointment when they agree with our terms of condition

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