Korea has a variety of accommodations to offer visitors to Korea

When you first arrive, you may wish to stay in a youth hostel or guest house as this is a good way to obtain guidance and get oriented with your new surroundings at a reasonable price.



Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are found in many different locations in Korea providing affordable, quality accommodation for visitors. There are a total of 70 youth hostels located in every major city throughout Korea. Rates range between KRW 15,000 and KRW 40,000.

Guest House

Guest houses are Korean homes which have been converted for the exclusive use of guest accommodation. They provide an authentic Korean experience while providing opportunities to interact with Korean locals and other travelers.

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Apartments in Korea are the most popular housing options among Koreans and its popularity is explained by the fact that tenants are becoming ever more demanding with comfort. Nearly all apartment complexes have facilities nearby such as supermarkets, district offices, and also easy access to public transportation. The majority of apartment style residences are unfurnished.Apartment

One Room

The One Room is a widespread and extremely popular housing option among students and single adults. The One Room is a large single room equipped with a bathroom, kitchenette and living space.

Goshiwon (Goshitel or Livingtel)

Goshiwon was initially for people who were preparing for national exams to become public servants. However, now that regular one room or studio apartments are demanding high rent, Goshiwon is becoming a popular accommodation choice. Goshiwon is a very cost effective housing option in Korea if you do not mind a smaller living space. It is fully furnished and prices can go higher if there is a private bathroom and window within the room itself.

Officetel / Studio Apartment

The "Officetel" is a combination of Office and Hotel such that people can live and work in the same building. Many of them come fully furnished. The Officetel is also more expensive and offers larger living spaces/facilities than the One Room. Tenants are also responsible for monthly maintenance fees and additional utility fees.


Serviced residences are furnished apartment buildings with hotel-like services. They have all of the necessities of a modern apartment including an indoor swimming pool, exercise room and amenities within each unit. These units are usually two to three times bigger than your average hotel room and usually include a kitchen. Some residences can also offer tenant cleaning and laundry services.


Living as part of a Korean-speaking household, you will have your own bedroom and have meals with your hosts. It is a great way to meet Koreans and share their way of life. You will also be able to improve your fluency in Korean.

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